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A real estate professional for more than 17 years in the Property Management field, Shannon Madigan is known for integrity, diplomacy and sincerity in all her dealings. In her many years of executing various transactions in the real estate business, she has first and foremost striven to be someone in whom her clientele and colleagues can put their trust and faith. Every transaction, she believes, is always about her customer. She has recently decided to add the title of Realtor to her repertoire, and is excited to continue her pattern of putting the clientele first whether it be for families or individuals selling their beloved family home, buying their first new property, or building a future through real estate.

Shannon is a native of Ware, MA growing up there until her move to Boston, in 1989. She has then since lived and worked in many different areas of Massachusetts including, Boston, Brighton, Fiskdale, Northampton, Greenfield, Springfield, Turners Falls, Hatfield, Worcester, Pittsfield, Belchertown, and is currently working and residing in Orange, MA. Shannon's many years of Property Management throughout Massachusetts has given her a head start as a Realtor.  Her knowledge of what makes each distinct residential and commercial area special and unique is a fantastic tool for sellers and buyers alike. Shannon will specialize in and around the Ware, Hardwick, Belchertown, Petersham, New Salem and Orange areas. Shannon's familiarity with these areas is why she moved to Orange. " I have always loved the towns surrounding the Quabbin Resevoir, In fact, where I live now is a stone’s throw away from being able to utilize the Quabbin for Hiking, Fishing, taking pictures, having a picnic or just enjoying the spectacular view. I would love to help a client find their place near paradise like I did.” https://www.mass.gov/locations/quabbin-reservoir